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Frozen Objects

Slottsskogen, Gothenburg

August 2022

The Frozen Objects mirror pavilion was created in collaboration with Oatly for the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg. It served as an open space within the festival grounds, offering a room where visitors can relax and enjoy themselves. The pavilion features different built in seating options, including a small staircase and a sofa integrated into the floor.


The concept behind the pavilion draws inspiration from nostalgic objects that hold timeless memories. As the festival attracts people of different generations, the room is filled with items that may spark conversations and evoke memories specific to each age group. Inside the room, you will find a collection of Gustaf Westman objects as well as hand-picked designs from various independent designers which all share the ability to reflect the spirit of our time; Beata Rydbacken, Hugo Henningsson, Sean Down, Lovisa Axén and Alex Proba. 


The pavilion is designed to be easily disassembled and relocated, but for now, it will be stored in pieces until a suitable new location is found.

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